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Smart Home Heating Systems

Imagine having a house that has perfectly controlled temperature zones in different rooms…and has been told to start warming the house when you are fifteen minutes away. 

Welcome to the world of Smart Heating!

Smart Heating puts you in control. This invariably means that you will save energy because of this control, and because usage is so much more visible. House-AV are Smart Home specialists. We can consult on your smart heating requirements, install a system and link it with other smart home features.

What is Smart Heating?

The phrase ‘Smart Heating’ refers to the ability to control the climate and water temperature within your house remotely, via a mobile phone app.

Smart heating systems comprise a control hub that attaches to your boiler and an app that links to a digital, or ‘smart’ thermostat in your house. This thermostat sits on your home network. 

Smart Heating systems have a number of advantages:


More control over the precise room temperature

Control multiple rooms, or zones, with different temperatures in each

Can be controlled through voice-command over Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant

No more worries about whether you left the heating on if you have gone away for a few days

The ability to check your energy usage historically over time

Monitor the temperature of your house and energy usage remotely

A smart thermostat will detect when you have arrived home, and will switch on to show the temperature, weather or time

No need to programme your thermostat anymore! Personalised schedules from your smart thermostat will learn your preferences, and how long it takes to heat your home to make automatic adjustments

Set alerts in case you have left the heating on when no-one is at home

Smart heating is not to be confused with smart meters, which record the amount of energy being used. Smart heating systems work independently of your energy supplier, so you do not have to worry about changing suppliers. 

Furthermore, smart heating can also be connected to a number of other smart devices, such as video doorbells, that can all be controlled from the same app.

Smart Home Heating Systems - FAQ'S


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