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Smart Audio & Multi-Room

Having digital sound means that the quality of the recording can be replicated perfectly in your home. It also means that millions of tracks can be made instantly available, whilst multi-room means that you are fully in control of your smart home’s audio right around your house…and even into your garden!

What is Multi-Room Audio?

Multi-room audio describes how you can control the music across a number of rooms, or ‘zones’ from a single control like that provided by Control4. If you prefer to have the same music playing in different rooms as you move about your house, this can be done. Or, if you want the radio in the kitchen, classical music in the living room and your film soundtrack in your cinema room, then all of this is possible too.

The beauty of multi-room is the ability to sync the music perfectly from room to room, providing a single, seamless soundtrack for your house.

Multi-Room audio means having multiple users – each with a controller, or simply their mobile phone – in control of what they listen to, in which room and when.

What is Music Streaming?

Now that most music is available digitally, you can access songs, albums and artists at the touch of a button. The music is then streamed over your home network into your house, via a media player or smart speaker.

You have the option to download a full album, purchase it outright or simply click to hear a single track…then move on.

Playlists are brilliant, too. Build a range of playlists to suit your mood…or even the room in your house!

There are a number of different digital formats available; you will pay a premium for access to the highest quality files, but these days you can stream in better than CD quality, so it’s worth it!

What is Hi-Res Streaming?

High-resolution streaming is also known as Lossless, 24-bit, HD or High Definition Audio. It refers to the quality of the music that is being streamed. The higher the resolution, the more information is being relayed and the better the quality of music. It is useful to look out for the type of file used – FLAC or WAV files are high quality, whereas MP3 is low quality.

As well as choosing a streaming service that gives you high-quality music, make sure also that your audio system is capable of reproducing it too.

What are the Best Speaker Options For Multi-Room?

Because multi-room usually means multiple genres of music and sound, you will want a good all-round set of speakers to get the best possible effect. 

If you have a dedicated listening room, then you probably want to invest more on its speakers than, say, those in the kitchen.

In your cinema room, you may want to consider a Dolby Atmos set-up, to get the very best from the film’s effects. You will also want to think about sub-woofer options and soundbars, too.

When it comes to your garden, there are some great weather-proof solutions to consider.

Finally, since many speakers can be built into the walls and ceilings these days, you don’t need to compromise on sound when it comes to your smart home. Have the very best speakers, with them and their cabling hidden out of site!

Smart Audio & Multi-Room - FAQ'S

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