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Home Cinema

The standard of TV and film content has increased so much recently that we often want to turn casual TV watching into a fully immersive experience, and this is what home cinema can do.

House-AV are specialists in smart homes, and home cinema is our passion. We are backed by world-class brands, and have the experience to build a cinema room with a real ’Wow’ factor!

We will leave the refreshments to you!

What is Home Cinema?

Home Cinema is a key part of the smart-house revolution. As technology improves, it is possible to replicate the cinema-going experience in the comfort of your own home. A home cinema, also known as a media room, is a room in your house that is dedicated to the film or TV experience.

Here are the key elements of what makes a home cinema so popular:

Large, high resolution screens mean that you can maximise the size of your home cinema screen without losing any definition

If you prefer a projected image, then digital projectors are now quiet, more energy efficient and capable of reproducing vivid colour and detail

How a film or programme sounds is a key part of the experience. All of our installations come with cutting-edge technology such as Dolby Atmos to provide immersive audio to accompany stunning pictures. We can also consult on sound-proofing solutions, too

If you are a binge-watcher, then you need to ensure that the seating is comfortable enough to keep you relaxed over many hours. So, how about reclining seats with space for drinks and popcorn?

Getting the lighting right can make or break a film: you want enough lighting to add atmosphere, but not so much that the image is ruined

How do you want your room to look? Maybe you prefer an Art-Deco style that harks back to the  golden age of Hollywood? Or would you prefer a minimal style that lets the screen do the talking? House-AV will be on hand to give you the best of our experience to suit your room

Maybe the most important element of all is the ability to control all of this from a next generation controller. House-AV are registered partners with Control4, whose technology means that being in control is simpler than ever

What Brands do you Supply?

House-AV are backed by a number of brilliant brands to ensure your cinema room is on point.

Control4 are the masters of smart home tech. Their brilliant software links all your smart home functions together, and their controls are so simple to use.

Klipsch have been making loudspeakers since 1946. We love their Dolby Atmos 7.2 speaker package.

Triad are a loudspeaker manufacturer specialising in speakers that sound amazing but can be built discretely into a cinema room.

Pakedge and Araknis are the masters of networks! Their equipment will ensure that your cinema room has the bandwidth it needs.

We understand that you probably have a good idea of which screen or projector you will want. However, we are on-hand to provide any advice you need about this important part of your home cinema.

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About our Installation Process

House-AV are qualified Smart Home integrators, and co-founder Dean is a fully qualified electrician. We will certify all of the work that we do, and ensure that your project is as good as you should expect.

We will meet with you to discuss your home cinema project, and advise on all aspects and options to deliver the best solution for your home, your budget and your preferences. All of our cinema rooms are built to bespoke designs to meet an individual’s precise needs.

We will carry out all work within a budget and timescale that we agree and the start of the project. We will be on hand at the end to ensure that you are fully trained on all aspects of the technology.

This is why we have the House-AV pledge, which you can find here 

Home Cinema - FAQ'S

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